Siberian Husky Breeder

Sweet "Sage"
06/05/2018 -present
Kishe's Step Sister
Sire:  Miroskima  Fred
Dam:  Miroskima Ethel M

CH. Affilliated: Paka'sAlpineAatuks Sinjen,

Paka's Batoto yetu + 16 more CH.

Kennel Affilliated: Paka's, Echo Call's Norrela's, Sunset Hill's, Aatukwoods,etc

"Tongva" Girl
Sire:Bandit Iniguez
Dam: Jauregui's Cleopatra
CH. Affiliated : Echo Call's Kojack, Echo Call's Sterling Silver 
Kennel Affillated : Echo Calls 

Ah-wa "KI-SHE"-ah

04/10/13 -present  

AKC / KCUSA                                 

Sire: Miroskima Robinhov                             Dam:  Miroskima Ethel M

CH. Affilliated: Paka'sAlpineAatuks Sinjen,

Paka's Batoto yetu + 16 more CH.

Kennel Affilliated: Paka's, Echo Call's Norrela's, Sunset Hill's, Aatukwoods,etc

Ki-she won division at 4mos won best of show.

Ah-he-ki Mahay "STORM" Warrior                               03/13/08 -06/2019                                                                       AKC / UKC                                                                            Sire: Steele VII                                                                            Dam: JennaXXXl                                                                    CH. Affilliated: The Monarch, Echo'a Calls Playboy +25 more CH                 

Kennel Affilliated: Echo Call's, Pine Forest

You were a great sweet loving, funny, true husky, in every way possible. you are going to be greatly missed. Our special boy.

Ta-ho-vit "ARENA" Tahsh-hi                                         09/12/2008 - 2017                                         AKC                                                                            Sire: Kydoe Blue Bourbon                                         Dam: Rayna Isabella Crystal Blue                              CH.  Affilliated: Bluemoon-Lakmat's Bourbon &  Rashaun's Radio Flyer   Kennel Affilliated:Bluemoon, Pine Forest

Your smile everyday will be missed..

"KWAH"ana Wo-se                                                04/25/2006 - 2019                                             AKC/UKC                                                                                Sire: Saudi's Coconino Woshi                                       Dam: Sasha La Blue                                              CH.Afilliated: Banner Boy                                              Kennel Affilliated: Saudi's Two Moon's, Karlea, Frosty Aire's

Coconino "WOSHI"                                                            7/11/2001 - passed accident                               AKC                                                                                       Sire:Tundra of Saudi                                                                 Dam: Misty Morning Mischief                                                     CH. Affilliated:  BannerBoy                                                         Kennel Affilliated: Saudi's Two Moon's, Frosty Aire's 

Dearly missed

Hunar"OSO"                                                                            3/2/98 - 2006                                                           UKC                                                                                            Sire: Saudi's Dakota Apollo                                                Dam: Saudi's Chenoe Isawut Kashai                                        CH. Affilliated: Banner Boy                                                         Kennel Affilliated: Saudi's Two Moon's, LKG, Frosty Aire's

Miss you my big Bear

 "TAHSH-HI" Wo-se                                                                        6/17/97 - 11/9/2009  in Heaven                                     AKC                                                                                                                                                Sire: Tatonka of the Rocky                                                             Dam: Bandit of the Hill V                                                                     CH. Affilliated: Banner Boy                                                        Kennel Affilliated: Frosty Aire's, LGK

Always and forever will you be in our hearts

Chenoe Isawut "KASHI"                                                                   9/24/96 - 98 (missing?)                                         AKC                                                                                                    Sire: Tatanka of the Rocky                                                          Dam: Bandit of the Hill V Brandy                                              CH. Affilliated: Banner Boy                                                       Kennel Affilliated: Frosty Aire's, LGK            

Ne-a-he-ah "ESA"wot                                                              5/6/06   co-owned                                                   AKC                                                                                              Sire: Saudi's Coconino Woshi                                                 Dam: Snow White Ruiz                                         CH.Affilliated: Bluemoon Lakmat's Bourbon,  Banner Boy,Echo Call's Reno Casino, Blueridge Soma's Canadian Club, Lakamt's Iccee Bluemoon                                                                                 Kennel Afilliated: Saudi's Two Moon,Frosty Aire's, Pine Forest, Bluemoon, Echo Call's


Badit of the Hill V "BRANDY"                                             12/25/93- 2004                                                  AKC                                                                                           Sire: Lord Chomp Chomp                                               Dam: Lady Precoius                                                             CH. Affilliated:Copper Bullet                                             Kennel Affilliated:LG, Hi Moocher's, Johansen's

Having you in our lives was amazing..

Tatonka of the Rocky MAX"                                                       2/26/1992 - 2004                                                                                 AKC /UK                                                                                      Sire:Lobo Prince of Saudi                                                        Dam: Mascare on White Frost                                                      CH. Affilliated: Banner Boy                                                         Kennel Affilliated: Frosty Aire's, SD's, De Bell's, Purtell's, Pinehill's

Boy is Heaven going to have fun with you.. my funny boy

 Frosty "Kahlua"                                                              2/26/92 - 2001                                                     AKC                                                                           Sire: Lobo Prince of Saudi                                      Dam: Marcara on White Frost                                   CH. affilliated: Banner Boy                                       Kennel Affilliated: Frosty Aire's, SD's, De Bell's, Purtell's, Pinehill

Miss you my gorgeous red head

" MASCARA" on WhiteFrost                               06/16/1988-1999                                                                  AKC                                                                                  Sire: Prince the Great                                      Dam: Kamishka Von Blum                                               CH. Affilliated: Banner Boy                                         Kennel Affilliated: Frosty Aire's, SD's, De Bell's, Pinehill's


Puppy division-  1st place best in show, 1st best female, 1st place overall

Dogs in the past with out info.

"LOBO" 1989


"BULLET " 1982


" SHEBA" 1981


" SHADY " 1980