Siberian Husky Breeder


Alaskan Trails, Siberian Dogs, by John D. Tanner (Hoflin, 1998)
Best of the 1st Ten Years of the Siberian Quarterly (Hoflin)
The Complete Siberian Husky, by Lorna Demidoff and Michael Jennings (Howell House)
A New Owner's Guide to Siberian Huskies, by Kathleen Kanzler (THF Publications)
Running North, A Yukon Adventure, by Ann Cook
The Siberian Husky, by Joan M. Brearly (THF #TS148)
The Siberian Husky, by the ISHC
The Siberian Husky, by Thompson and Foley
The Siberian Husky, Able Athlete, Able Friend, by Michael Jennings
The Siberian Husky Primer, by the Siberian Husky Club of Southern California
Siberian Huskies, by Beverly Pisano (TFH #KW068)
Top Producers, Siberian Huskies, by Debbie Meador (Denlinger)

Books about Sled Dogs

Mush: A Beginner's Manual of Sled Dog Training, by Bella Levorsen and the Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers
Novice Sled Dog Training, by Fishback
Seppala: Alaskan Dog Driver, by Elizabeth Ricker (The Siberian Quarterly, Hoflin)
Sled Dog Encyclopedia (3 volume set), by Thompson
The Joy of Running Sled Dogs--Step by Step Guide, by Flanders
The Last Great Race, by Tim Jones
The Race to Nome, by Kenneth A. Ungermann
The World of Sled Dogs, by Lorna Coppinger and ISDRA (Howell House)
Training and Racing Sled Dogs, by George Attla
Training Lead Dogs, by Fishback

Books about Veterinary Matters, Training, and Behavior

Canine Ophthalmology, by William G. Magrane

The Siberian Quarterly, Hoflin (303/934-5656)
ISHC's News, N7002 Peck Station Rd., Elkhorn, WI 53121
Team & Trail, Sled Dog News, P.O. Box 128, Center Harbor, NH 03226-0128
Mushing Magazine, Box 149, Ester, AK 99725
AKC Gazette, AKC

 Dog Owner's Complete Home Veterinary Handbook, by Carlson & Giffin (Howell House)
Genetics of the Dog, by William Willis (Howell House)
How to be your Dog's Best Friend, by the Monks of New Skete (Little, Brown, & Co.)
Mother Knows Best, the Natural Way to Train your Dog,
by Carol Lea Benjamin (Howell House)
The Art of Raising a Puppy, by the Monks of New Skete (Little, Brown, & Co.)
The Dog's Mind, by Bruce Fogle, DVM (Howell House)
The Joy of Breeding your own Show Dog, by Anne Serrane (Howell House)

Books for General Reference

AKC's World of Pure Bred Dogs, by AKC & Duncan Barnes (Howell House)
Canine Terminology, by Harold Spira
The Complete Dog Book, by the American Kennel Club, Inc.(Howell House)
Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis, by Curtis Brown (Hoflin)
The Forsythe Guide to Dog Showing, by Robert & Jane Forsyth (Howell House)
International Encyclopedia of Dogs, by Dangerfield
The New Dog Steps, by Rachel Page Elliott (Howell House)


The Siberian Husky, by AKC (Video #VVT626, $37.95 to AKC, Attn.: Video Fulfillment, 5580 Centerview Drive #200, Raleigh, NC 27606, or 919/233-9780)
The New Dog Steps, by Rachel Page Elliott (AKC $49.95, as above)
1990-1994, & 1997 SHCA National Specialty Videos, (K9TV, 303/972-6433)
1996 SHCA National Specialty Video, (Domino Video, 800/522-TAPE)


SHCA Newsletter, see above