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ALUSHA    D.O.B.  12/18/2015 - Arena's

Greg Meyer 

 Alusha is a fantastic addition to the family such a sweetheart and great personality never a dull moment with her. We have four other dogs that have adopted her into family with ease. I would recommend anyone who is considering a Siberian husky especially from two moons great pedigree.

SHADOW.....D.O.B  3/18/2016 Ki-She's 

It was so nice to meet you  Saturday.  The puppy is wonderful! He is doing well.  Miles named him Shadow..

Oct 19 at 8:19 PM 

Hope your well.  Here's an updated photo of Shadow.  He is doing great!

CHAINSAW  - D.O.B. 3/18/2016 Ki-she's

SPLASH  D.O.B 10/19/2012 Arena's
SHADOD.OB. 10/23/2012 Kwaha's


Hi there!

Shadow and Splash are doing great. We all love them very much. We are actually just back from the doggie park where they like to play with their friends.

Thank you again!

The McGuirk family 


10/2016    Hi there!

Splash and Shadow are doing great.  Attached are some photos to enjoy and thank you for continuing to check in ;-)

The McGuirk Family

LONDON - Ki-She's 9/20/2014

Hey Dee,

I just wanted to give you an update with London.  He's a super smart, super active, super friendly guy, and we've been having tons of fun together: going on hikes, going to dog parks, running, learning tricks.  He's just awesome.  I also get non-stop compliments when I'm walking down the street about how pretty, gorgeous beautiful my dog is.  Today someone stopped me with London, to tell me, "You're dog is magnificent."

Hey Dee,
I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you do raising this awesome breed of dog.  London has been an absolute delight.  He is very calm around strangers, he is very calm around other dogs, he rarely whines, he loves to play, potty training was incredibly easy, and I can't help but assume most, if not all, of these things are attributed to his first 9 weeks with you and his family.. 

So thank you again for allowing me to bring him home with me. 

I'll update you with more pictures as he grows, if you'd like. 


Today is London's 2nd birthday!

I can't believe he is already 14!!!      9/20/2016


DAKOTA & MIKA-Arena's pups D.O.B. 7/2/2011


 NEYVA -Arena's pup D.O.B. 07/02/2011

 Hi Dee,        We hope you're doing well! Neyva has been an absolutely amazing addition to our family since we brought her home this past August! She is one beautiful and energetic girl, and we couldn't be happier to have her in our lives. Thank you for breeding such a gorgeous pup for us! We will definitely be back for a playmate for Neyva! -Leialoha

SIKU- Arena's pup D.O.B. 6/8/2010


Good morning! bryan and I promised to send you photos of Siku, the female we got from you last August. This ia a particlarly beautiful one I took last week I thought you might appreciate it. We love having Siku in our lives.

Hope all is well, Natasha Scott

ARMARITO - Kahlua's pup D.O.B. 7/30/1995

Awards & Certificates  - Saudi's Siberians now is Two Moon's Siberians


Hi Dee,
Here are some photos of Silver. She's grown big but is perfectly within AKC standards. She's begun to accompany me on the trail runs and can now do six miles (with some rest here and there). She is becoming quite a running buddy to me and a terror to neighborhood squirrels.

She gets along fine with our three cats although my alpha cat knocks Silver around quite a bit. :) Silver respects him even though she's now three times larger than he is.

She's a sweetheart but has a lot of mischief which makes her perfect for our family. She loves other dogs and goes to doggie camp every day while we are at work. She loves it!

We've been doing training with her but it's not easy. She's very willful and stubborn. Ha! To be expected, I guess.

Several people approached me on the streets and asked about Silver's parents and breeder because she has the perfect Husky face and body and temperament. I've referred them to you.
Some pictures below. Thank you again for the wonderful puppy! ❤️️🐾

LOGAN    D.O.B. 5/10/15

Just want to show you Logan and his mini cake

for his 1 yr old birthday!  Carla

SAVANNAH    D.O.B. 10/19/2012  ARENA'S
CHARLOTTE  D.O.B 10/23/2012  KWAHA'S

Hi!                                                                                                                                            Auug 2015

 They are doing great.  Savannah is very outgoing and runs up to everyone, while Charlotte is more shy and will hide behind me until she gets to know someone.  Here are a couple photos!

As you can see, they love the pool.


HAN SOLO - Kwaha's pup D.O.B. 6/6/2010

Hello Dee,                                                      We had got our dog from you in 2010. Wow he looks almost just like his dad Storm! Hope you enjoy the pics i send, Han Solo is very smart energetic dog. We love him so much and take great care of him. We recentlt went to big bear lake and he had a great time.                       Thanks again Cindy

Dee,                                                                        Han Solo is doig well. We are training him and recently took him camping with the family. My husband loveshim too. Here are a few pictures from our recent camping  trip.           Cindy and Chris

 NYX- Kwaha's pup D.O.B. 12/25/2010.

Hi Dee,
Thought I would share some pictures of our Siberian Husky that we purchased from you that was born on Christmas Day 2010. This is Nyx and her registered name is Nyx, Goddess of the Night. She is beautiful and our family enjoys her so much. We couldn't imagine living without her.
Thank you,
Terri C.
01/18/2018  Hi Dee,  Attached are some recent pics of our Nyx. Of course we think that she is the prettiest dog in the world.  Cheers Mike 

MIA   D.O.B. 10/24/2013 ARENA'S
-All grown up


ECHO -Arena's pup D.O.B 7/24/2009

KING KODA - Kwaha's pup D.O.B. 12/25/2010

Hi Dee ! We love,love, love, oue new puppy and are enjoying him so much!! we named him "Koda" registered name "King Koda's Last Stand" . He is such a sweet little guy! Thank you for providing us with such a great new pet! Angel Gonzales

TIMBERLAND - Tashi's pup D.O.B 6/7/2002   no photo.