Siberian Husky Breeder


Thank you for your interest in "Two Moon's Siberians", I have been raising top quality Siberians Huskies since 1983.  Our family started with Siberian Huskies by saving a wonderful beautiful Red & White 3 year old from the animal shelter we named her "Shady", just for a family pet. We fell in love with her beauty, temperament and personality so much, that in time we decided to get her a friend "Sheba", we came across her by an ad in the newspaper that she needed rescuing, again beauty to our eyes, a 2 year old silver female. A year later out of the blu we received a phone call that someone could not keep their male, of course we already had the itch, so we couldn't refuse, well "Bullet" fitted right in. Meaning with-in that year we started having pups. 

In memory of Shady's passing we continue to stay true to caring and supporting for this fabulous, wonderful & awesome breed by investing into our first AKC registered pup."Mascara" on White Frost" from Frosty Aire's kennel in 1988.

 Our line originated from an offspring descendant of "Ch. Banner Boy" that is from the Frosty Aire's kennel back in 1960.Their history information is in the original hardback book "This Is The Siberian Husky" published 1974 by Joan McDonald.

We have expanded to include Echo's Call's linage with "Ah-He-Ki Mahay Storm Warrior" Great Grandson of Ch.The Monarch.  Bluemoon's "Ta-Ho-Vit Arena Tash-Hi" Granddaughter of Ch. Lakmat's Bourbon. and Paka's "Ah-wa Ki-She-ah " from 18 champion descendant. 

2013 Kawahanna has been retired from breeding

2015 "Tongva Girl" was added to our family.

2018 " Sweet Sage" has been added to the family

Which time tells it all and here we are today.....

I have managed to earn the respect of others for my breeding by staying true to the standards and being a loyal care taker and pack leader.


      Sincerely, Two Moon Siberians