Siberian Husky Breeder


 Under a family home environment, I occasionally sell pups..and provide stud service. I don't advertise or collect deposits for pups that I do not expect to have on hand.  I solely raise "Siberian Huskies I can guarantee the pureness by parents DNA.  I have no Malamutes, Akitas, or Wolf-hybrids living together having the possibility of any mixture while living together, and registering as pure breed Siberian Huskies.(NOTE FYI: buyer beware registration of litters are on hearsay bases only.)

 Our pups are of high top quality and are very well cared for, But yet they are able to be puppies, we let them play in dirt, mud and water while enjoying puppy life, they have no restrictions and are not caged. We have them socialize at the appropriate age  with our adult dogs and with people. Which will able them to become part of the pack.

RAISING OUR PUPS......  I have been present with every birth from start to finish. I document each pups exact time of birth and health from the minute it's born. And continue to monitor mom and pups until the very end and so. Our pups are not born in a corner of a garage, kitchen, patio or out doors nor in a kiddy pool. They are whelped in a personal 10x12 Tuffshed turned into a complete maternity ward with air condition, windows and heat lamps. Set up with soothing music and aromas. Equipped with all medical accessories needed. And even a cot for me to nap in between births. Each whelping quarters has their own outdoor exit to their personal play area.

My pups are registered with The American Kennel Club("AKC")

The pricing for my pups are based on all of the compiled facts from above and of this entire website, which I feel are very solid facts and are very important reasons when it comes to purchasing a life time companion. You get what you pay for... :)

Huskies are diffidently mans loyal,caring, loving best friend. These are the reasons for breeding and raising these sweethearts for companionship. They are almost humane like.

Parents DNA, CERF & OFA history on file. 

Sincerely Two Moon's Siberians